Founded in 1965 when Maria and Alfredo bought a farm in Isola di Fano in Fossombrone after they had lived for 5 years in Canada. Between 1988 and 1996 they planted new specialized vineyards and invested substantially in improving the structure of the business and the wine cellar.


From 2002 to 2004 Maria and Alfredo started to cultivate Montepulciano and Chardonnay vines. In 2005 they expanded the farm from 28 to 50 hectares and introduced organic farming




In 2007 the farm began marketing of organic products: pearl spelt, soft wheat flour, spelt and chickpea flour, chickpeas, grass peas and lentils. Since November 2009 all 10 hectares of vineyard have been converted into organic cultivation.


Sempronius - Organic Sangiovese

Barone - Organic Cordisco

Gualtresco - Organic Bianchello

Ercole - Organic Passerina

Organic soft wheat flour

Organic Chickpeas

Organic Spelt Flour

Organic Grass Peas

Organic Pearl Spelt

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Lentils

Metodo Classico (Organic Sparkling Wine)

Chardonnay Brut (Organic Sparkling Wine)

Convivialis - Passito

Grappa of Chardonnay

Sweet Memories (Wine and Sour Cherries)